so this is writers block?

i've never really been required to maintain a high level of creativity in my spare time before, so i've clearly never had to deal with it. nor do i know how to get rid of it...
it's kind of weird. i decided to start this blog to enable myself to be creative on a semi regular basis, instead of letting my brain turn to mashed potatoes by watching tv and doing other mindless shit. i've even started teaching myself to play guitar around that time to help get the creative juices flowing.
it, clearly, proved to be an effective tool, as i came out of the gate quickly and was able to keep a steady pace. i felt inspired all the time.

however, over the past few weeks, i've felt nothing.
i've been busy with work, life and recently spent a week house sitting (where i had no wireless internet...which was brutal. i felt so distant and uncomfortable - it was weird. but, anyways...)
long story short - i feel uninspired. distracted, perhaps?
there doesn't seem like there's anything worth talking about or drawing attention to.
maybe it's because of all the rain and shitty weather? maybe i'm depressed? maybe i'm in love?
who knows...

i'll be back soon, don't worry.
until then, my friends...

<3 booya.xo

random song at the moment: you're ever so inviting - underoath

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what's the deal with old people?

so, i'm on the elevator in my apartment building just now and a nice old lady gets on.

she, of course, mentions how hot it is today...(old people love talking about the weather. it's science)
i say "i know! isn't it great?!"
she says "no! give me winter anyday"
shocked, all i manage to say is "oh wow, really?!"
she confirms her statement and i exit the elevator, baffled.

my mind is blown.

if you've ever been in my apartment during the winter months, you know what i'm talking about.
it's absurd.
i don't even have my heat on when it's -40 outside because the oldies have their thermostats cranked to the max...and it's STILL too hot! i've got fans going, windows open...yeah...ridiculous.

you'd figure they'd be in their glory during the summer.
i was almost certain old people kept their heat on in the summer to maximize the heat potential, because they love it so much.

guess i was wrong?

ok, let's recap:
old people love heat when it's cold, and cold when it's hot, but they want it to be cold so they can be hot?

i guess i'll never understand...
back to the drawing board.

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red bull and vodka

dear tom gaglardi,

welcome to winnipeg.
keep up the good work.

love, my liver.xo

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may the 4th be with you

sooooo...apparently it's international star wars day?



somebody told me about it today at work, and it was legitamately so ridiculous and unbelievable, i had to google it for proof.

[granted, you can't believe everything you read on the internet (except this blog. everything is 100% factual. guaranteed), but i investigated none-the-less]

so, apparently, may 4th is also called "luke skywalker day"?
what a heaping pile of retarded.

why is it that nerds have nothing better to do than play video games, blog, watch tv/movies, not bathe, surf the internet, and make up ridiculous shit to satisfy their nerdiness?

wait...blogging isn't nerdy is it?



check out conan o'brien's old friend, triumph the comedy insult dog, rip some star wars nerds to shreds...



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