cash and prizes

dear every man on the face of the earth, except phil kessel,

how much do you like your cock and balls?
a lot?
then do yourself a favour and go buy yourself 14 pairs of saxx underwear.

simply put: they will change your life.

"Saxx's Ergonomic Comfort Pouch improves men’s comfort by preventing contact and offering non-restrictive support."

they provide you with a mesh sack to protect your...sack...
your bits and pieces, your wedding tackle, your meat and two veg, your twig and berries...
you get the point.
why would you NOT want to wear them? goodbye chafe, hello comfort.
i rocked a pair for a 9 hour shift and thought that perhaps i was dreaming...except i wasn't.
it was reality. and my balls thanked me.

you can thank me later.


that's fucking smart.

i'm currently obsessed with man v. food.
it's arguably the best show on television.
but i wouldn't suggest arguing with me...

because you're stupid.

epic mealtime is also fucking smart.