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laughter is the best medicine...but i also hear neo citran is pretty good too

we're celebrating my dad's birthday tonight.
beef bourguignon is for dinner.
tomo, tommy and i are cooking.

i feel like julie from julie and julia...
except i'm more awesome.

pictures of the final product to come...

oh, there it is...



so, the 2010 nfl pro bowl is today...

does anybody care?

no peyton.
no brees.
among others...
there's something horribly wrong when matt shaub, vince young and david garrard are the quarterbacks representing the afc.

i still might watch it...but i won't enjoy it!

The "new" Pro Bowl! Featuring 2 hand touch instead of tackling! Only on ESPN!!!


did you hear? i like sports

apparently the cellar dweller toronto maple leafs are making moves?

leaf nation can only hope the oilers turn down the suck the rest of the season so they can have the first overall pick in the 2010 draft and maybe not be a total embarrassment next year.

haha, good job burke.

i like sports

RT @Playmaka34 Roger Federer is remarkable and no one notices: played in 18 of the last 19 Grand Slam Finals and has won 16 overall!!! Tiger who?

roger federer wins another grand slam.
is anyone surprised?

this man is possibly the most dominant athlete in the world right now, without a doubt.
second to me, of course.



this just in: motley crue fans really like booze...a lot.

that is all.

ps. what's the deal with barfing unicorns?

things that i like right now:

john mayer, conan o'brien, the iPad, skinny ties, jimmy kimmel live, checkered shirts, late night with jimmy fallon, my macbook pro, the roots, aziz ansari, your girlfriend, the nfl network, late show with david letterman, scarves, the phillies, twitter, partie and pachoulli, denim shirts, this blog, west coast road trips, mlb offseason, new suits, birthdays aaaand peter chao...


mobile phone blogging

apparently i can post blog updates via my cellphone...this could get interesting.

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wercome to fashion week in miran!


i like sports

just got my phillies "halladay" jersey in the mail.


now all i need to do is get my
penguins "paek" and i'm set for life.

so, this is blogging...

welcome to wasting time 101.
as if spending hours lurking on facebook wasn't enough...now i've recently signed on to twitter, and apparently started a blog.
what's the deal with twitter anyways? i sort of hate it, but love it at the same time...
all i really use it for is to pretend john mayer and i are actually friends.
"haha...my friend, john, tweeted something so witty and clever the other day..haha...you may know him? john, john mayer?"
other than that, it's pretty useless. yet i still update my status...for no one to read...
follow me? www.twitter.com/chrisbooya