is this real life?

justin bieber has already written an autobiography?
are you fucking kidding me?
he's 16 fucking years old.
how much shit could he honestly have to talk about?
disney is thinking about firing keith richards due to the graphic detail he uses when describing his sex and drug use, in his autobiography...
what's bieber gonna talk about? the first time he got a boner?

listen to some excerpts from this heaping pile of trash:

i hope the only reason people buy this book...is so they can give it to homeless people to burn to keep warm this winter season.

this shit is fucking funny

not only is it good fucking design advice, it's also good fucking life advice.

i particularly enjoy "use fucking spell check".
because nothing makes you look like a bigger donkey than when you spell shit wrong.

you'd think being in the age of text message mania, people would be better at spelling...
but instead retards everywhere continue to say shit like "ur".
the worst part is, these people probably don't know the difference between "you're" and "your".

let me break it down for you:

you: "i'm really smrt!"
me: "you're an idiot."

your mom: "my son is really smrt!"
me: "your son is an idiot."

get it?
got it?
probably not...

i probably shouldn't take credit for finding this.


you're not SMRT

people who are idiots should not be able to play on-air radio games.

it's embarassing. really.

what do the following things all have in common?

1) a bee hive
2) a chess board
3) england

"i don't know!"
"i was thinking something to do with pawn, but that doesn't make sense"


i hope she doesn't have aspirations of becoming a brain surgeon when she grows up.
i'd probably rather leave my life in the hands of a pile of rocks.

have a nice day.

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i want to punch you in the face: on the fly edition

hey lady,

if you wanna buy smokes from domo, how about you don't park inbetween the two fucking pumps while i'm pulling up to get gas?

fucking donkey.
don't worry, i'll wait.

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