the shawshank redemption

i wish morgan freeman narrated my thoughts.

it was the visa commercials that put him over the top.

speaking of which...there were so many good ads throughout the olympics.
made you stoked to be canadian.

the best day of my life?

go canada go!!!
best. life.


home sweet home

pictures, videos, post edits, oh my!

lot's of new additions.
re-check out everything you've already checked out.
including my butt...
it's tight from all the walking i've just done.

ps. why does it seem like everything's uphill in vancouver?!

japawhat? japadelicious.


i waited an hour for one.
it was worth every minute...

kore oishi ne!


live updates: episode five

just left calgary.
it's foggy.
be home in 12 hours.

lots of edits, updates and pictures coming soon.
stay tuned, friends.

i'll see you soon.

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under these city lights

"give me the luxuries of life and i will willingly do without the necessities"
- frank lloyd wright.

so, it was friday, february 19, 2010.
kristin and i decide that we want to go for sushi. she recommends "the eatery" - i love the idea. she doesn't think it's too far, so we'll walk.
turns out we had to cross the granville bridge and walk all the way to kitsilano...took about an hour.
on our journey, we pass many cute sushi places that would have sufficed - but no - we had to go to the eatery - and i was cool with it.
"it can't be much farther..."

yadda yadda yadda...an hour later, we see it in the distance! yesss!

it doesn't open until 3:30.
it was 12:45.
we contemplated mcdonalds at this point.
we settle for kitstaya sushi.
it was still pretty delicious, not gonna lie.
it was voted #1 cheapest sushi and #3 best sushi bar.
not bad.
leftovers in my condo fridge...


yeah, i said it: MY condo.
that story later...

5:36 - pam arrives.
i, being the gentleman that i am, offer to pick her up from the airport.
shortly after, we meet up with her sister, heather. we have reso's at voya @ 7:30.
we share some coconut prawns with curry and apple and cheese puffs with spinach and artichoke dip.
sooo delicious.
i had the spinach, ricotta and egg ravioli with brown butter and artichokes.
again, sooo delicious.
assorted cheeses for dessert.
most certainly enjoyed our dining experience there.
highly recommended.

during dinner, we were discussing my awful parking situation, and heather offers me a condo she has access to through her work.
we check it out.
"i'll take it."

it's sure as hell better than an air mattress. and random parkades.
gfm. <3

now it's saturday, february 20, 2010.
been chillin with the girls all day.

stay tuned for my japadog story...

best life :)

talk to you soon, friends.

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and today was a day just like any other

...except today, i woke up in vancouver.

best life.

+12 and sunny.

breakfast at the elbow room, where they have RULES you must abide by, while eating at their restaurant:
#1 we only bring you your first cup of coffee. if you want more get yourself a butler.
#2 water? do you mean perrier or bottled? tap?! oh please! there will be a small charge if we get it for you.
#3 we believe in fast service. so relax. we'll be with you when we're done yakking.
#4 due to the graphic nature of our xxx vocabulary, parental discretion is advised.
#5 enjoy your stay, but be considerate of others. when there is a line-up. please REMOVE yourself!
#6 everyone brings a little joy. some by coming, and others by going. which one are YOU?
#7 this is not a public library. stop wasting time! hurry up and order something.
#8 in a hurry? well then you should have gone to mcdonalds. sit back and relax. good food takes time.

i had the 'doug russell' - poached eggs with sauteed onions, red/green peppers and mushrooms on a sourdough muffin covered with hollandaise sauce.
soooo delish.

lunch was a $1.50 slice of 'zza from romano's pizza.
also very delish.
ps. what's the deal with beef and blue cheese pizza?! it's EVERYWHERE!!!

5:30...i'm thinking it's snack and beer time. kristin just left for work, so i figured i'd pop by to visit and see what moxie's west georgia had to offer. the verdict: it's still moxie's. i'm currently enjoying a euro and potstickers...it's like i never left.
the germany/sweden game is on. not a total loss.
alicia just got off work. she's now joining me. what a slut.

what should i do tonight?


keep your stick on the ice.
talk to you in a bit.

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live update: episode four

not much to report.
just stopped for gas outside of merritt bc.
the lady inside was very pleasant.

i'm currently enjoying one of the two turkey and swiss sandwiches my lovely aunt packed for my adventure.
it's delicious.

also noteworthy: kamloops is a wonderful place. so scenic and beautiful. if you haven't been there, you should probably at least drive through.
what also makes it wonderful, is the 3 lane highway...love it.

well, better hit the road again...

vancouver - 260km to go.

peter chao, here i come!

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live updates: episode three

dearest friends,
wish you were here...

warmest regards,


the drive from calgary to/through banff is so epic.
what an awesome part of the world this is.

it's not the first time i've done this drive, but it seems each time i fall more in love with it.

memories like this will last forever, and i'm falling in love with them as we speak.

talk to you in a bit...

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and now for something less wimpy

don't i know you from the cinematographer's party?
new york fashion week. love it.



live updates: episode two

well friends... regina, medicine hat and everything inbetween, have come and gone.
i can't say there was anything memorable from my journey through saskatchewan.
i can tell you that i wish there was a box of tacks stashed somewhere in my car...
the pain might have actually helped me stay awake. (note to self: next time journeying through saskatchewan - brink a box of tacks)
i got pretty sleepy there for a while...
special thanks to my friend dane cook for helping me stay awake...he's a silly bitch. gfm.
**the only good thing about this rectangular province is the 110km/h speed limit.

"130km/h, updating my blog, like whoa"

also...don't ever go to swift current. it's shit there.

only 300km to calgary...
ugh...not having cruise control sucks ball.

see you in the funny pages.

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live updates: episode one

so, my quest to find peter chao has begun...
(it seems extra appropriate since it's the beginning of the chinese new year - insert tiger woods joke here...)

i'm currently driving through saskatchewan, and i can tell you there are a number of things i would much rather be doing.
for instance, to name a few:
- eating glass
- falling on tacks
- putting my arm in a deep fryer

on the bright side, my ipod is playing one of the best shuffles of its career.
pretty stoked.
there's nothing more crucial to a long solo road trip through banjo player country, than good tunes.
so, big ups, ipod. gfm.

"oh look, another bale of hay!"

talk to you in a bit.

happy valentines day.

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the canadian tuxedo

denim is in.

you heard it here, second.

because you clearly heard it first from GQ magazine...

what's up, denim dan?

i'm smarter than you?

if you eat while you're pooping, does that make you a hypocrite?
or is that an oxymoron?

i just made you think about what it'd be like to eat while you poop.

...or have you already done it?



i like technology

wireless charging?!?!!
what's next, teleportation devices?!
wait...that would be sweet...


Powermat 2X Portable Mat with Integrated Battery

It's time to ditch the wires in 2010. Simply throw your phone on the Powermat and you're done—nothing to plug in and no spaghetti tangle of wires to deal with. Older Powermat products required you to place bulky covers on your phone, but this year you'll just need to replace your battery with a Powermat one—in other words, it won't change the look or feel of your device. This portable Powermat is meant for the road warrior: it can charge 2 things wirelessly and has a battery containing up to four full device charges—for shorter trips, you won't have to deal with wires at all.


(as seen in GQ)


"and you wagered...texas with a dollar sign infront of it"

they say everything's bigger in texas...

is it dick envy?
or because two thirds of the state is overweight/obese?

the exclusive story, featuring, cole "jerry jones aint got shit on me" edmundson.


Celebrity Jeopardy, TEXA$ and ThrEeve sound bite
Take everything you know about the great state of Texas and the people that live there and throw it away.
I have recently returned from a business trip to Dallas and have nothing but positive things to say about my time in Texas. Everyone I interacted with was intelligent and polite.

Common misperceptions:
A. Everyone in Texas is a cowboy and/or wears a cowboy hat and boots
- I didn't see one cowboy hat (I was there for 4 days) you'll see more cowboy hats on a trip to Calgary,AB
B. Everyone in Texas talks like they are half retarded
- Not true, nobody had a stereotypical accent
C. Everyone in Texas is FAT and Severly obese
- I only saw one "hefty" and he was rollin' hard on a rascal scooter

What I did notice:
People in Texas love food and love preparing food more. If you ever have the chance to visit please do me three favours:
1. Enjoy a meal of food at Twin Peaks (
- Anyone want a million dollar idea? Franchise this place in Canada...
2. Eat something that is "Country Fried"
- Seriously, it's delicious...steak, chicken, it doesn't matter
3. Enjoy drinks and a sporting event on TV at 3rd Base (
- More Plasma TV's and Projection screens than Best Buy, 'nuff said

Lastly, everyone has money and a tight whip (please download "
504 Boyz - Tight Whips")
At minimum the entry level car everyone has is a five-series or Lexus LX570.
You'll be passed on the George Bush Turnpike by a 750li travelling at a high rate of speed...what Texans refer to as "Flying Low" and don't be surprised when you see "that Mercedes from the episode of 'Top Gear' you just downloaded"


9 months to birth

it took me nine months to be born,
eighteen years to be a man,
twenty one years it took to understand who i am...

now i'm 27.

happy birthday to me.

buy me presents, jerks.

birthday sex? yes, please.


i'm fucking robin williams

have you ever seen 'good will hunting'?

the great debate

who will win the superbowl this year?!

i will refrain from making any predictions, as i do not want to jinx anything...because, turns out i have the worst luck.

there are so many great story lines that you can talk about this year:
new orleans has never been to the superbowl.
think of all the hardships the city of new orleans has overcome, and how great a superbowl championship would be for them.
peyton manning is playing his hometown team, that his father, archie, also played for.
peyton won his superbowl against my chicago bears (tear) in miami in 2008, could lightning strike twice?
a second superbowl win for peyton will finally shut the mouths of all the stupid ny giants/eli manning fans - yeah, peyton and eli have the same number of superbowls, but how are you gonna try and tell me that they're in the same category of "superstar quarterbacks"? give me a break.
suck it, eli.


long story short, i'm really looking forward to watching the game today, as i'm sure it will not disappoint...but not as excited as i am for all the food my dad is cooking up for my birthday celebration dinner tonight (i'm sure i'll post pictures).
how do you spell P-R-O-T-E-I-N? mmmm.

superbowl AND birthday party at the SAME TIME?

talk to you soon.


i like pooping

this video was just brought to my attention, and i was threatened at knifepoint to post it...
thanks, kelly.

yeah...i know.
shocking isn't it?

it actually reminds me of the time a grown woman peed herself in front of me.

for real.

it happened back in the day.
"which by the way, i don't know if you knew this, was a wednesday. that's a little fun fact. yeah, when you refer to 'back in the day' it's a wednesday. take that home, chew it, it's delicious."

sorry, i digress...
where i work, it is a frequent occurrence, for people of the street and sketchbags, alike, to try to sneak into and use our restrooms.
it is generally my goal, when i see them enter, to intercept them as they try to sneak past our defenses to gain control of our handicap stalls.

on this fateful wednesday, back in the day, i intercepted a woman, approximately 40 years young, wearing a summer dress, which i'm sure at one point, was very lovely, as she walked in the back entrance of our restaurant.
i, as always, hurry over, politely say hello, and offer her my assistance and ask her if she'd like a table.
she declines and tells me she 'just needs to use the washroom'.
i regretfully inform her that 'unfortunately, our washrooms are for guests only'.
she then proceeds to do the 'potty dance' infront of me - yes, a 40 year old woman...the potty dance.
she explains that 'she really has to go'.
at this point i'm so embarassed for her, i say, 'ok, just this one time...go ahead'.

she doesn't move.

'oh no' she says...

in shock, i assess the situation...
is that urine splashing on the ground below her?!

dear god, it is.

she stutters, 'c-c-can i have some napkins?'

'yes. you can', i reply.

in shock, i manage to turn and dash towards the cupboard to retrieve her some napkins.
however, by the time i got back, she had vanished...and all that was left behind was a puddle...

i certainly did not enjoy cleaning up that mess.

the bright side: at least it wasn't poop.

japan's oldest brand

i think everyone should drink this delicious beverage.
650ml of pure gold.


what's the deal with raisins and bran?

i like raisins...but not in bran muffins.
i like bran muffins...but not bran flakes.
yet, i like bran flakes...with raisins...


have you seen this man?

beware: internet predator.

to the villa!

hey caitlin, how was your trip?!


"what's the soupe du jour?"
"duh! it's the soup of the day. i thought you were smart?"
"yeah, but what is it?"
"i just told you. sheesh, grow a brain!"

the lonestar state

they say everything's bigger in texas...

is it dick envy?
or because two thirds of the state is overweight/obese?

phil edmundson, reporting live from dallas, wednesday, february 3rd.
stay tuned.

games night

if you haven't played "things in a box" or "imaginiff"...you should probably do that asap.

them shits is fun.
do it.
don't be lame.

ps. what are you waiting for?