like a virgin

an old lady in my building just told me i looked like a jonas brother.

this is bothersome on so many levels.

1) how does this grandma even know who the jonas brothers are?
2) how does she know what the jonas brothers look like?
3) i don't know what the jonas brothers look like.
4) do i really look like a jonas brother?
5) should i be flattered or insulted?

you be the judge...


there's an app for that

i'm such a stickler for fonts and formatting, that i'm uncertain i'll be able to handle using this handy iphone application, for posting new and exciting blog entries, because I fear I won't have enough control.

i need to be in control.

how the fuck do you change the font colour??

ugh...here goes...

edit: holy fuck, it worked.
now to brush up on my HTML...