merry belated christmas

well friends, it feels like it's been a bajillion days since i last posted anything...
and well, it probably feels like a bajillion days, because it actually has been a bajillion days.

for that, i apologize.
a bajillion days is a long time.

i'll be honest though,
i've made efforts...
there have been times where i've logged in, clicked "new post", in an effort to entertain you all, but ended up just staring at the blank page, only to close the window and move on to some other mind numbing activity...

i've been selfish.
i've chosen entertaining myself, over entertaining you...
the three people that read this blog, occasionally.

and i understand, that's not fair.

that being said, i'm back!...

for now...

until i get bored and go watch sports highlights, until i forget completely that this blog exists...

i'm sorry?

allow me to be frank;
i feel like, in my ongoing search for entertainment and motivation, i constantly, unintentionally, lose focus on my true goal: becoming letterhead famous, because of the mediums i seek for said motivation.
my point - youtube and wikipedia are the devil.

blame them for my lack of postings!

everyone has fallen victim to the "youtubing" phenomenon, i'm certain.
where you watch one video, and then youtube suggests other videos you should watch, so you watch them, and then they suggest more, so you watch them too, and next thing you know, it's 5:30am and you have to work at 9.


devastating, not only to my life in general, but to my creative genius.
it's pretty hard to write or record video while watching 7 hours of youtube, you know?
what's worse is, i can't help it.

wikipedia is even WORSE*.
*only if you are a huge loser nerd like me. otherwise, youtube is the undisputed champ in worseville.
i'll look something up quickly while i'm watching 7 hours of youtube videos, but then once i start reading, i'll want to look something else up, and then that will cause me to want to look something else up, and then i'll look something else up, etc, etc...

so next thing you know, i've got 13 tabs open of wikipedia pages that i want to read, all the while, watching 7 hours of youtube videos...
you can only imagine how much more that consumes my life...

11 hours, to be exact.
i counted once...

11 hours.
if it's impossible to write or record anything while watching 7 hours of youtube videos, you can only imagine how impossible it is while watching and reading 11 hours worth of material every day...

throw in trying to learn sweet songs on the guitar, so chicks will think i'm awesome, for 4 hours...and well...my day is shot.

"dear blog,
sorry, i'll get you next time.
youtube and wikipedia are ruining my life.
but by 'ruining', i don't actually mean 'ruining'...it's more like 'improving', but still ruining at the same time...
you know what i'm trying to say, right?
you understand me.
that's why i love you.
you're the best.

sincerely, booya.xo

ps. i learned how to play wonderwall today. i'm totally gonna get laid soon."

you smell what i'm cookin?
i'm not trying to make excuses,
i'm just trying to keep it real with you all.

here comes my best effort in avoiding getting caught up in my own loserish youtube/wikipedia world, and devoting more time to you.

wish me luck!