hello mcfly

i'm bored, listening to music and chatting with a dear old friend...
what better time for another itunes shuffle 10?

1) birthday girl - the roots
2) the corpses of our motivations - the lawrence arms
3) get up stand up - bob marley
4) symbol in my driveway - jack johnson
5) man by choice - kardinal offishall
6) run away - live
7) squat! - de la soul
8) description of a fool - a tribe called quest
9) big - the mighty mighty bosstones
10) rhyme and reason - dave matthews band

bonus) amazing, because it is - the almost

oh the memories... <3


live updates v2.0

so, after being off work for two weeks, with a broken foot, i'm back working full time.

i started back, officially, yesterday, for those who care...

currently, i'm just walking around, opening up the restaurant, doin my thang...when all of a sudden i hear:

james brown - get on the good foot.

i thought it was rather funny and ironic, so i decided it was a good idea to share the story with you.

i hope you enjoyed it.

...if you didn't...
shut up and scroll down, jerks.

love, booya.xo


another day, another dollar.

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"rock lobster"

you wanna talk about memories?
let's talk about...
the commodore amiga 500.

my dad bought me one when i was little (probably 1989-90).
man, that thing was soooo awesome!
i spent countless hours playing the piles of games he would bring home to me, on a weekly basis.
it was so sweet.
some of the most fun games i've ever played, even to this date.
certainly, some were childish and lame, but i loved them none-the-less.
i was after all, just a kid.

here were some of my favorites:

world games
bubble ghost
into the eagle's nest
test drive
ninja mission

honourable mentions:
- kgb
- space quest
- hockey league simulator
- so many others whose titles i can't remember :(

i wish i still had that thing, but we gave it away when i got older...
whoever got it though...was one lucky kid.

thanks for the memories, dad.
love, chris.


itunes shuffle ten - v1.0

step one: open itunes
step two: select shuffle
step three: press play

1) bump it - erykah badu
2) steady as we go - dave matthews band
3) something i call personality - a new found glory
4) no better way to show your love than a set of broken legs - moneen
5) breakdown - relient k
6) somebody's gotta do it - the roots
7) nothing is what it seems - saosin
8) more - little brother
9) the tourist - radiohead
10) eviction article - boy sets fire

bonus) blackslide - rancid


cat mario

soooooooooo funny!

those japanese people...i tell ya!

sayoban hates you.

download it here.
you'll never say the F word more times in your life.


j dilla was illa than you

JDilla_Fndn I favorited a YouTube video -- Bilal live talking about J Dilla Jay Dee 'Reminisce' http://youtu.be/SfP-jDJxL9Q?a
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such a tight track.

peep the canary yellow kit in the vid.
talk about reminiscing...



is this real life?

Feminists slam cancer campaign as sexist

WARSAW (Reuters) – Polish feminists have objected to a hospital's breast cancer prevention slogan which they say encourages workplace harassment, the Gazeta Wyborcza daily said on its website on Monday.

The slogan "I check the breasts of my workers on my own" was devised by a cancer hospital in the southern town of Opole and aimed at convincing employers to encourage their female workers to have their breasts checked regularly for cancer symptoms.

"This is a sexist slogan that obviously brings sexual molestation to mind," the head of the Feminoteka foundation, Joanna Piotrowska, was quoted on the website as saying.

"This campaign treats women as objects and is not far removed from advertisements in which girls flaunt their breasts over car bonnets. I wonder if this would be equally funny if it were changed to 'I check the penises of my workers on my own'."

(Writing by Kuba Jaworowski, editing by Paul Casciato)

the question: would this be equally as funny if the slogan were changed to:
"i check the penises of my workers on my own"?

the answer: yes. it would probably be MORE funny, actually...but i don't think it'd solve your little "workplace harassment" problem though.

back to the drawing board, i guess?

the vinyl frontier

i love music.

artist: aretha franklin
song: one step ahead
album: n/a
year: 1965

artist: mos def
song: ms. fat booty
album: black on both sides
year: 1999

if you don't know, now you know...n*gga!

oh yeah, that reminds me...

artist: mtume
song: juicy fruit
album: juicy fruit
year: 1982

artist: notorious b.i.g.
song: juicy
album: ready to die
year: 1994


kiss me i'm japanese...i mean, irish!

happy st. patrick's day, you irish bastards.
chicago dye's their chicago river green to celebrate st. patty's day.
how badass is that?
what do you do to celebrate?

dear friends,

let's do so many irish car bombs today, that we don't remember barfing up the curdled mess, tomorrow.

love always,


i like sports.

it's march, so there's no better time to talk about baseball, and college basketball.

here's a look at my predictions for the big ncaa tournament:

some notes:

let's start in the east region.
there's no doubt in my mind that kentucky is going all the way.
i normally try to avoid picking kentucky to win, because we all know that picking with your heart doesn't win you office march madness bracket selection glory.
but, this year i can't NOT pick them. future #1 overall pick, john wall, is going to take them all the way to the promised land.
sorry, i digress...
look for the temple/wisconsin game to be a good one.
west virginia, on paper, looks to be a contender in the east, but look for an upset in the opening round against morgan state. morgan st. in OT. i've just got a feeling.
also, look for new mexico to make unexpected moves.

the midwest region.
welcome to kansas' house.
i don't think there's a single person who doesn't have them going all the way to the final four.
look for upsets against georgetown and tennessee, with san diego state being an actual cinderella potential, and ohio state being a one hit wonder.
kansas/ohio midwest final seems the most realistic.

the west region.
there's something about me that likes to pick 2 seed/15 seed upsets. look for north texas to upset kansas state. their offense is just too horrible to win.
many people have syracuse marching all the way to the final four, and i'm no different.
look for BYU to have a good tournament.
but, look for pittsburgh to surprise people and have a better tournament to meet syracuse in the west final.

the south region.
aka: the cinderella region.
sorry duke.
look for utah state, old dominion, sam houston state and st. mary's to surprise everyone with early successes, but ultimately, i think the consistent purdue and villanova will make it to the south final.

final four: kansas, kentucky, villanova and syracuse.
ncca final: kentucky, syracuse
winner: kentucky.
mvp: john wall


now, let's talk baseball...
it's still too early to really be able to tell who will do what...but here's my 'spring training edition' division/wild card winner predictions:


EAST - boston red sox.
acquired: john lackey, marco scutaro, adrian beltre and mike cameron
notes: with the acquisition of ace, john lackey, the red sox are going to have one of the most dominant starting rotations in the league. lackey, beckett, lester, matsuzaka (when healthy)...yikes. adding marco scutaro to the lineup instantly improves their on base percentage, and the addition of mike cameron gives them a little more pop in the middle of their already powerful lineup. scutaro provides more runs for kids like pedroia, youkillis to bat in, while lackey will reduce the team's era. seems like a winning combination to me.

CENTRAL - chicago white sox.
acquired: jake peavy, juan pierre
notes: this is a tough call, and in reality, i struggled to choose between them and the tigers, so we'll see if i change my mind before the season starts. the addition of peavy to an already pretty solid rotation seems to set them apart from the rest of the division. sure, detroit's rick porcello impressed us last year, but i think peavy/buherle > verlander/porcello.
what else? hmm...
minnesota being out of the comfort of their dome worries me a bit, their weak starting rotation and the seemingly season ending injury to their closer, joe nathan, it seems like they're more than likely going to find themselves in 3rd place come october.
the tigers added johnny damon, which should add some pop to their lineup, but the lack of the 'short porch' in right field, like he had in new york, should decrease his homerun number.
long story short...i think whoevers' bullpen is stronger this year, will win the central.
i give the edge to the white sox because bobby jenks > jose valverde.

WEST - seattle mariners.
yes, the seattle mariners.
acquired: cliff lee, chone figgins, milton bradley, casey kotchman
notes: king felix + cliff lee = domination. the addition of chone figgins improves the speed on the bases, which will improve run production. milton bradley is capable of playing pretty good ball, if he can finally keep his life in order. and ichiro is still the greatest ever.
i like their chances.

WILD CARD - new york yankees.
acquired: curtis granderson, javier vasqueuz, nick johnson
lost: johnny damon, hideki matsui
notes: it's the new york yankees. the team you love to hate. of course they'll make the post season. their team hasn't changed all that drastically. sabathia, burnett, riviera, posada, jeter, rodriguez...nuff said.


EAST - philadelphia phillies.
aquired: roy halladay, placido polanco
notes: halladay. utley. howard. ibanez. werth. victorino. polanco. game over. ultimately, their bullpen needs to be better, and brad lidge needs to find his 2008 form, but the phillies are without a doubt the east champs this year.

CENTRAL - st. louis cardinals.
re-signed: matt holliday
notes: adam wainwright/chris carpenter one-two punch is one of the best in the league, coupled with albert pujols' sheer ridiculousness = central champs. having holliday isn't gonna hurt either, i guess.

WEST - los angeles dodgers.
notes: they're pretty much the same team as last year, minus randy wolf. their rotation is the biggest question mark, however, clayton kershaw and chad billingsley have definitely come along quite nicely. their outfield boasts two 2009 silver sluggers in, andre ethier, and matt kemp...and who can ignore that guy manny ramirez? all that, coupled with a pretty solid bullpen, including a pretty solid 8th, 9th combo in george sherrill and jonathan broxton...
i like their chances.

WILD CARD - san fransisco giants.
acquired: mark derosa
notes: back to back cy young winner tim lincecum and matt cain at the top of the rotation makes them a contender automatically. and the addition of mark derosa definitely adds some much needed offense to their lineup. they may not be a lock for the wild card, with those pesky colorado rockies floating around in the west, but i still like their chances.

did i mention that i liked sports?


Men's Worst Style Mistakes Humor: GQ.com

an oldie, but a goodie

dave chappelle is funny.

i heart poo humour

...and you thought YOU had the worst job in the league.

show of handsome

if you haven't seen this bit yet, there's something wrong with you.
jimmy kimmel > jay leno

tom selleck's moustache

thanks for choosing fallinginlovewithmemories.blogspot.com
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it's the most wonderful time of the year

no, it's not christmas...it's the return of baseball, idiot!

break out your spitz, and your dip - it's spring training.

"big chief! the best!"

so, anyways...i was lurking around, checking out all the latest baseball news, and came upon this article:
"When baseball commissioner Bud Selig named a 14-person "special committee for on-field matters" four months ago, he promised that all topics would be in play and "there are no sacred cows." The committee already has made good on Selig's promise by discussing a radical form of "floating" realignment in which teams would not be fixed to a division, but free to change divisions from year-to-year based on geography, payroll and their plans to contend or not..."

so, basically, they're thinking about cutting teams loose from their divisions, via a "radical form of 'floating' realignment" plan. so, if the jays want to say 'fuck you AL East', for example, in an effort to contend for a playoff spot with the not-yankees and not-red sox, they would be permitted to do so...

being a lifelong jays fan, i would love nothing more than to see my boys playing ball in october again, and this seems like the best way to make it happen. because...check the stats in the article: "In the 15 seasons during which the wild-card system has been in use, the Red Sox and Yankees have accounted for 38 percent of all AL postseason berths. The league has never conducted playoffs without the Red Sox or Yankees since that format began -- and in eight of those 15 years both teams made the playoffs."


however, i'm not too keen on breaking traditions of the game. teams have been competing in their respective leagues, in the respective west, central and east divisions, since the beginning of time. the only change i can remember was in 98, when the brewers switched from the AL to the NL, to accommodate the writing of the schedule...but anyways...
the point is: why let teams float around willy-nilly, to try and find an easier division to compete in, just so they can make the playoffs, when you could just implement a salary cap to curb the insane spending of these yankee/red sox teams?
letting teams move around would certainly improve their chances of getting to the post season, but it's probably pretty safe to say, they're still going to end up facing the yankees or the red sox once they get there.

salary cap > "floating realignment"

remember this?

of course you do.
breaking news:
instead of writing better music, ok go, decided to make another ridiculous video...

march madness

if your bracket doesn't have kentucky as the winner, you might as well throw it out.
john wall, is the real deal.
kentucky all the way.

is this real life?

lesbians who look like justin bieber
say hello to the mc10:35
if this is actually possible, i'm probably going to start setting up daily alarms and reminders.
someone please try this and send me photos.


you, me and megatron

if you thought megan fox was hot...

this nice prairie boy, james struthers is killing it. chekkem.

video time

watch the entire video, or skip to the 6 minute mark, and enjoy...


hello again, old friend.

dear suspenders,

welcome back.

clip ons?
well, yeah...
let's get serious - are you really going to have buttons sewn into every pair of pants you own?
i will admit, strolling around downtown, a la ed westwick, seems a little ambitious and too 'gordon gekko' wall street, for me.
but i'd probably rock them with jeans under a blazer or cardigan, and keep it proper.

let's see how this trend progresses...
i'm certainly interested.

the vinyl frontier

i love music.

two of my favorite songs.

you tell me.

artist: bobby caldwell
song: open your eyes
album: cat in the hat
year: 1980

artist: common
song: the light
album: like water for chocolate
year: 2000

ebrahim loves these tracks too...

...so should you.

10 essentials

of mens.style.com fame...
also seen on gq.com...

the ten things i won't do without.

in no particular order:

the vans authentic. timeless classic, in any colour. I have a pair in white and a pair in black. versatility at its finest. I'll probably own two more pair by the end of summer. When they get old and tattered, i simply replace them. $40.00? easy.
i never wear my sunglasses at night, nor do i wear them inside...but when i'm outside (and it's sunny) i prefer to wear my sabre 'die hippy' sunnies in tortoise shell. oversized vintage inspired with a new age feel. they look good with anything. www.sabre.fm
ralph lauren romance silver. the scent is woody/floral. citrus coupled with a woody musk. very unique, very manly, very...sexy.
nudie jeans co. slim jim dry japan. simply put: i love these jeans. slim straight leg made with japanese denim. i've had mine for almost 6 months, and they're wearing in fabulously.
music is the essence of my being. i couldn't live without it. period. from comeback kid, to paul simon, to mos def, to circa survive, to toots and the maytals, to dave matthews band, to mstrkrft, to nofx, to justin timberlake, to radiohead, to...sorry...i-i love it all. currently, i've got a 30gb 5th gen ipod, but i've got 40gb on my macbook...so, looks like i'm going to need to upgrade soon. 60gb ipod touch, here i come :)
i'm so fresh in my white tee. hanes crew t-shirts. buy em in a 5 pack. how can you go wrong?
blackberry. need i say more? what's your pin?!!?!
i currently own 11 nixon watches. the gto, the 286, the capital, the ticket, the esquire, the graduate, the sentry, the rotolog, the big rig, the rubber player, and this one, the 51-30. go big or go home. i love this watch.
new era fitted caps. more specifically, mlb authentic, new era fitted caps. another tiny obsession: baseball, and the hat's they wear. i'll only wear the authentic team hats though. fuck patterns and bright green yankees hats. one day i'll own every team's. realistically, that day will probably come at some point this summer ;)
ps. do me a favour - take off the fucking stickers, idiot. you look stupid.
my macbook pro. probably the best purchase i've ever made.
dear windows, suck it.
sincerely, booya.xo


holy sheet!

aziz ansari is hilarious.
and you should think he's hilarious too.
cuz he's hilarious!

milk, it does a body good.

so does cheese, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, bamboo shoots, carrots, celery, cauliflower, potatoes, apples, avocados, oranges, pineapple, bananas, grapes, cherries, watermelon, strawberries, pomegranates, soy beans, white beans, eggs, ginger root...etc...


because they are all calcium rich food items, that's why.

i should probably consume MORE of this stuff so my bones don't break next time...
although, compared to what i did to that pallet jack...the broken bone in my foot seems like a flesh wound.

mmmmm calcium.