if you don't respond to this blog post your bbm and facebook will both be shutdown. this is real!!! it happened to my friend!!!

it's been a couple months now since i've ditched my blackberry and gotten my iphone, and i can honestly say it's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

well...maybe not the BEST thing...
having sex is probably better...
but it's still ranked pretty high.

but i digress...

it seems the only reason people these days get blackberrys is because of bbm.
woopty doo!
it's like msn for your phone.
who gives a shit?
"it's faster!"
yeah, by what? 6 seconds? shut up.
plus, seeing whether or not your friend is typing a message, or had read your message turns into an obsession.
"holy, i know you've read my message, why aren't you responding?!"
"ummm...i'm busy? chill."
it became annoying.
you'd run out of battery in 2 hours because you kept checking to see if they read your message or not.
plus every two seconds someone is updating their picture or changing their name to include stupid symbols, or making their name something crazy so i have no clue who the fuck they are.
also, why did "how many bbm contacts do YOU have?" turn into a virtual dick measuring contest?
yeah, i've got 117 contacts...but i probably only talk to 6 on a regular basis, 4 others on a semi-regular basis and 2 on rare occasions...which leaves 105 who i don't even talk to. ever.

i'm soooo popular!

and it's usually one of the 105 that sends me 100 broadcast messages a week with some stupid chain letter bullshit.
who actually thinks that if you don't send a broadcast message to all your friends list that your blackberry will be turned off?


iphone > blackberry.
here's to regular texting!

ps. i was totally using bbm before it was cool and popular. it's such a sellout now.
now, leave me alone, i'm going to play angry birds.

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