can i kick it?

what is it about new shoes that makes you wanna go out and party?

it's like something happens chemically in your brain that won't let you not party in your new shoes immediately after you've purchased them.

which is fine...but...

why is it that you always decide to go to the club, even though you know it's going to be packed and bananas and have them stepped on and probably get cranberry juice-ified? or you go to that sweet house party where you know they're going to be safe and stay clean, but for some reason everyone's outside chillin in a mud puddle and there's nothing you can do about it?

ruined immediately.

which reminds me...what's the deal with clubs not letting people in with white shoes? this dress code has been in full effect for so many years now, and i still don't understand.
do my white shoes make me some sort of hoodlum?
what if i own the same shoes in black and white? will you allow me entrance only when i wear the black pair?
i get the track pants, jerseys, etc...that shit's obvious. you look like an idiot, no question.
but what is it about white shoes that makes entrance impossible?

i'll give anyone a dollar who can explain it, and have me buy into their explanation, cuz that shit is ridiculous.

i just bought a pair of these beauties at boatshoes.com.

they came in the mail the other day.
cute, eh?

sooo...does anyone wanna party?

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