flawless victory

how's everybody feeling today?


so, i was recently "youtubing", and through my lurking around, i came across, what appears to be the trailer for the new mortal kombat movie.
very impressed, i must say...although i don't know how i feel about it not really following the actual story...
in any case, i'm more than likely going to go see it...and i'm more than likely going to enjoy it more than mortal kombat: annihilation.
ps. anyone who has seen that movie and liked it...is an idiot. and for those who haven't...don't.
to be honest, after watching the trailer and being reminded of said sequel, i decided to watch it again - because i couldn't remember why it was so shitty.
i was quickly reminded.
absolute shit.
to the point of embarrassment.
but whatever...nothing's worse than kazaam!

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