how to get to third base

in celebrating major league baseball's opening week, i decided that i wanted to post and share some fun baseball related videos with all of you.

i knew i had a pretty sweet 'baseball bat tricks' video up my sleeve that i knew would be an instant favorite, but was looking for some others to satisfy my feng shui.

let's begin...

dear josh womack, you crush serious ass, don't you?

my second choice, as always, is anything by batting stance guy.

a very witty recap of the week that was, batting stance guy...

wait a second!

this video has got me thinking...

who are some other players who had/have weird deliveries or batting stances that i need to share with y'all?


here's a couple of each:

weird pitchers, past and present.
sammy gervacio (as mentioned by batting stance guy):
the one and only, hideo nomo:
and now, weird batting stances, past and present.
tony batista:
and, of course, kevin youkilis:

feng shui achieved.

have i ever mentioned that i liked sports?

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