rest in beats

r.i.p. guru

this seems like a good time for a mass tribute...
can you find the random 6 degrees of separation among them?

big l
j dilla
big pun

hmm...not sure where i should even begin?
well, big l was a member of d.i.t.c., which, fat joe, was also a member and fat joe and big pun were terror squad labelmates. big l's track, 'put it on' was produced by j dilla. j dilla was an original member of the group, slum village, in which baatin was also a member. dj premier, who was in the group, gang starr, with guru, produced big l's track, 'ebonics'. and, well, the super random, far fetched 6th degree, o.d.b...he was a member of the wu-tang clan, and raekwon, a current member, has sampled 3 of dilla's beats on his latest album...follow that? me neither. crazy innit?

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