red bull and vodka

so, turns out it's the "biggest bar night of the year" tonight.
that being said, it's probably a safe to say a lot of ugly people are going to be having sex tonight.

to be perfectly honest...i don't need an excuse to go out and get polluted. matter of fact - i prefer the spur-of-the-moment rendez-vous for copious amounts of cocktails more so than the planned pollution.

but that's just me.

i guess it's different for ugly people?
i wouldn't know.

on that note, here's some random shit that ugly people probably came up with...

the nanerpus
dead fly art
the snuggie

i heard there's a snuggie with a dick hole in it?
can anyone confirm or deny this?

i heard that rosie o'donnell is interested in buying shares.

ps. hey cole, nice phone. loser.
pps. hey matthew, thanks. loser.


matthew. said...

You don't even credit me with the finds, eh?

matthew. said...

Hey check out my blog for shit about Pizzeria Gusto closing down. Have you heard about this? It's made international news!