popular science

in this 'GQ' world we live in, there aren't many things more important to guys like me, than fashion and technology. everyone wants to have the freshest clothes and coolest high tech gadgets, no doubt.
(of course, everyone has their difference of opinion on what really IS fashionable these days. some guys like ed hardy. i think they're idiots. tomato, tomato, potato, potato...whatever...)
that being said...i thought, why has nobody yet tried to join these in holy matrimony? there's certainly a market for such haute couture fashions, isn't there?

i certainly believe so - and i'm positive you will too, momentarily...

step aside, michael kors.
step aside, marc jacobs.
step aside, salvatore ferragamo...

without further ado,
i give you...the most technologically advanced fashion...in the WORLD:


that's money in the bank, if you ask me.

**shout outs to cole**

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