10 essentials

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the ten things i won't do without.

in no particular order:

the vans authentic. timeless classic, in any colour. I have a pair in white and a pair in black. versatility at its finest. I'll probably own two more pair by the end of summer. When they get old and tattered, i simply replace them. $40.00? easy.
i never wear my sunglasses at night, nor do i wear them inside...but when i'm outside (and it's sunny) i prefer to wear my sabre 'die hippy' sunnies in tortoise shell. oversized vintage inspired with a new age feel. they look good with anything. www.sabre.fm
ralph lauren romance silver. the scent is woody/floral. citrus coupled with a woody musk. very unique, very manly, very...sexy.
nudie jeans co. slim jim dry japan. simply put: i love these jeans. slim straight leg made with japanese denim. i've had mine for almost 6 months, and they're wearing in fabulously.
music is the essence of my being. i couldn't live without it. period. from comeback kid, to paul simon, to mos def, to circa survive, to toots and the maytals, to dave matthews band, to mstrkrft, to nofx, to justin timberlake, to radiohead, to...sorry...i-i love it all. currently, i've got a 30gb 5th gen ipod, but i've got 40gb on my macbook...so, looks like i'm going to need to upgrade soon. 60gb ipod touch, here i come :)
i'm so fresh in my white tee. hanes crew t-shirts. buy em in a 5 pack. how can you go wrong?
blackberry. need i say more? what's your pin?!!?!
i currently own 11 nixon watches. the gto, the 286, the capital, the ticket, the esquire, the graduate, the sentry, the rotolog, the big rig, the rubber player, and this one, the 51-30. go big or go home. i love this watch.
new era fitted caps. more specifically, mlb authentic, new era fitted caps. another tiny obsession: baseball, and the hat's they wear. i'll only wear the authentic team hats though. fuck patterns and bright green yankees hats. one day i'll own every team's. realistically, that day will probably come at some point this summer ;)
ps. do me a favour - take off the fucking stickers, idiot. you look stupid.
my macbook pro. probably the best purchase i've ever made.
dear windows, suck it.
sincerely, booya.xo

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matthew. said...

The stickers on hats are indeed stupid.