it's the most wonderful time of the year

no, it's not christmas...it's the return of baseball, idiot!

break out your spitz, and your dip - it's spring training.

"big chief! the best!"

so, anyways...i was lurking around, checking out all the latest baseball news, and came upon this article:
"When baseball commissioner Bud Selig named a 14-person "special committee for on-field matters" four months ago, he promised that all topics would be in play and "there are no sacred cows." The committee already has made good on Selig's promise by discussing a radical form of "floating" realignment in which teams would not be fixed to a division, but free to change divisions from year-to-year based on geography, payroll and their plans to contend or not..."

so, basically, they're thinking about cutting teams loose from their divisions, via a "radical form of 'floating' realignment" plan. so, if the jays want to say 'fuck you AL East', for example, in an effort to contend for a playoff spot with the not-yankees and not-red sox, they would be permitted to do so...

being a lifelong jays fan, i would love nothing more than to see my boys playing ball in october again, and this seems like the best way to make it happen. because...check the stats in the article: "In the 15 seasons during which the wild-card system has been in use, the Red Sox and Yankees have accounted for 38 percent of all AL postseason berths. The league has never conducted playoffs without the Red Sox or Yankees since that format began -- and in eight of those 15 years both teams made the playoffs."


however, i'm not too keen on breaking traditions of the game. teams have been competing in their respective leagues, in the respective west, central and east divisions, since the beginning of time. the only change i can remember was in 98, when the brewers switched from the AL to the NL, to accommodate the writing of the schedule...but anyways...
the point is: why let teams float around willy-nilly, to try and find an easier division to compete in, just so they can make the playoffs, when you could just implement a salary cap to curb the insane spending of these yankee/red sox teams?
letting teams move around would certainly improve their chances of getting to the post season, but it's probably pretty safe to say, they're still going to end up facing the yankees or the red sox once they get there.

salary cap > "floating realignment"

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