dear idiots,

if you don't like certain food items...for instance, some common dislikes are: tomatoes, onions, pickles, even jalapenos...and you're at a restaurant, ordering something with said ingredients - but you request to not have that item in and around your food - and the server asks you if you have an allergy to it, but you don't have an allergy to it...do us all a favour, and don't say YES.

you are ruining lives.

what's the deal with people who think that, because you may not be allergic to something, and you request to not have it appear in your dish, that the restaurant you're visiting is going to spite you/not care, and just put it in there for fun?
you're not smart.

so, quit it.

also, if you tell us you have an "allergy", and your food takes long to come out, it's your own goddamn fault, so quit complaining. it's because we spent 15 minutes reading each ingredient list on each item to make sure there were no fucking onions in your shit, before we could start cooking it.

"oh...i'm not allergic to onion powder...just big chunks of onions..."

fuck you.

i actually have allergies, so i take that shit seriously.
so, quit being idiots, and ruining my life, idiots.

ps. i'm aware that certain people have intolerances to onions and tomatoes and things of this nature, and that's cool, i respect that fully. let us know, and we will make sure that item is not in your food 100%. but there's a big difference between "intolerance", which for the most part, creates an uncomfortable scenario in your stomach area, and "allergy", which can potentially end lives. don't you think?
so, like i said before...quit being idiots.