an apple a day

have you ever broken your foot?
what a miserable experience that is, hey?

the hilarious part of the whole situation is - breaking your foot isn't even the worst part!
it's sitting in the goddamn emergency room at the hospital, that's the most painful.

"hey, you cool with sitting and waiting in this little room for approximately 7 hours until the doctor is ready to see you?"

fuck. my. life.

it must have been my 'lucky' day though - between waiting initially, then going to talk to the triage nurse, then waiting, then registering, then waiting, then getting xrays, then waiting, then seeing the doctor, then getting crutches - my experience yesterday only lasted 5 hours.

big win?
not really.

doc tells me, yesterday, that a chunk of bone broke off the inside of my foot, and that an orthopedist will contact me sometime this week to set up a time to go get further examination.
got the call today.
appointment was at 10:00. i get in to see the doctor at 10:45. i'm out by 10:50.

"so doc, what do you think?"
"looks broken. stay off it. keep it elevated, get the swelling down. come see me in two weeks."
"that's it?"
"that's it"

(that's not the exact conversation, but you get the point)

what a waste of time.
you're the specialist. shouldn't you be able to give me more definitive information regarding my injury?
guess not.
see you in two weeks, asshole.

jeremy hotz knows what's up...

anyways, i'm gonna have a lot of time to waste in the next little while, so stay tuned for lots of posts about nothing!

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