"rock lobster"

you wanna talk about memories?
let's talk about...
the commodore amiga 500.

my dad bought me one when i was little (probably 1989-90).
man, that thing was soooo awesome!
i spent countless hours playing the piles of games he would bring home to me, on a weekly basis.
it was so sweet.
some of the most fun games i've ever played, even to this date.
certainly, some were childish and lame, but i loved them none-the-less.
i was after all, just a kid.

here were some of my favorites:

world games
bubble ghost
into the eagle's nest
test drive
ninja mission

honourable mentions:
- kgb
- space quest
- hockey league simulator
- so many others whose titles i can't remember :(

i wish i still had that thing, but we gave it away when i got older...
whoever got it though...was one lucky kid.

thanks for the memories, dad.
love, chris.

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