under these city lights

"give me the luxuries of life and i will willingly do without the necessities"
- frank lloyd wright.

so, it was friday, february 19, 2010.
kristin and i decide that we want to go for sushi. she recommends "the eatery" - i love the idea. she doesn't think it's too far, so we'll walk.
turns out we had to cross the granville bridge and walk all the way to kitsilano...took about an hour.
on our journey, we pass many cute sushi places that would have sufficed - but no - we had to go to the eatery - and i was cool with it.
"it can't be much farther..."

yadda yadda yadda...an hour later, we see it in the distance! yesss!

it doesn't open until 3:30.
it was 12:45.
we contemplated mcdonalds at this point.
we settle for kitstaya sushi.
it was still pretty delicious, not gonna lie.
it was voted #1 cheapest sushi and #3 best sushi bar.
not bad.
leftovers in my condo fridge...


yeah, i said it: MY condo.
that story later...

5:36 - pam arrives.
i, being the gentleman that i am, offer to pick her up from the airport.
shortly after, we meet up with her sister, heather. we have reso's at voya @ 7:30.
we share some coconut prawns with curry and apple and cheese puffs with spinach and artichoke dip.
sooo delicious.
i had the spinach, ricotta and egg ravioli with brown butter and artichokes.
again, sooo delicious.
assorted cheeses for dessert.
most certainly enjoyed our dining experience there.
highly recommended.

during dinner, we were discussing my awful parking situation, and heather offers me a condo she has access to through her work.
we check it out.
"i'll take it."

it's sure as hell better than an air mattress. and random parkades.
gfm. <3

now it's saturday, february 20, 2010.
been chillin with the girls all day.

stay tuned for my japadog story...

best life :)

talk to you soon, friends.

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