live updates: episode two

well friends... regina, medicine hat and everything inbetween, have come and gone.
i can't say there was anything memorable from my journey through saskatchewan.
i can tell you that i wish there was a box of tacks stashed somewhere in my car...
the pain might have actually helped me stay awake. (note to self: next time journeying through saskatchewan - brink a box of tacks)
i got pretty sleepy there for a while...
special thanks to my friend dane cook for helping me stay awake...he's a silly bitch. gfm.
**the only good thing about this rectangular province is the 110km/h speed limit.

"130km/h, updating my blog, like whoa"

also...don't ever go to swift current. it's shit there.

only 300km to calgary...
ugh...not having cruise control sucks ball.

see you in the funny pages.

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