i like technology

wireless charging?!?!!
what's next, teleportation devices?!
wait...that would be sweet...


Powermat 2X Portable Mat with Integrated Battery

It's time to ditch the wires in 2010. Simply throw your phone on the Powermat and you're done—nothing to plug in and no spaghetti tangle of wires to deal with. Older Powermat products required you to place bulky covers on your phone, but this year you'll just need to replace your battery with a Powermat one—in other words, it won't change the look or feel of your device. This portable Powermat is meant for the road warrior: it can charge 2 things wirelessly and has a battery containing up to four full device charges—for shorter trips, you won't have to deal with wires at all.


(as seen in GQ)

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