the great debate

who will win the superbowl this year?!

i will refrain from making any predictions, as i do not want to jinx anything...because, turns out i have the worst luck.

there are so many great story lines that you can talk about this year:
new orleans has never been to the superbowl.
think of all the hardships the city of new orleans has overcome, and how great a superbowl championship would be for them.
peyton manning is playing his hometown team, that his father, archie, also played for.
peyton won his superbowl against my chicago bears (tear) in miami in 2008, could lightning strike twice?
a second superbowl win for peyton will finally shut the mouths of all the stupid ny giants/eli manning fans - yeah, peyton and eli have the same number of superbowls, but how are you gonna try and tell me that they're in the same category of "superstar quarterbacks"? give me a break.
suck it, eli.


long story short, i'm really looking forward to watching the game today, as i'm sure it will not disappoint...but not as excited as i am for all the food my dad is cooking up for my birthday celebration dinner tonight (i'm sure i'll post pictures).
how do you spell P-R-O-T-E-I-N? mmmm.

superbowl AND birthday party at the SAME TIME?

talk to you soon.

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