and today was a day just like any other

...except today, i woke up in vancouver.

best life.

+12 and sunny.

breakfast at the elbow room, where they have RULES you must abide by, while eating at their restaurant:
#1 we only bring you your first cup of coffee. if you want more get yourself a butler.
#2 water? do you mean perrier or bottled? tap?! oh please! there will be a small charge if we get it for you.
#3 we believe in fast service. so relax. we'll be with you when we're done yakking.
#4 due to the graphic nature of our xxx vocabulary, parental discretion is advised.
#5 enjoy your stay, but be considerate of others. when there is a line-up. please REMOVE yourself!
#6 everyone brings a little joy. some by coming, and others by going. which one are YOU?
#7 this is not a public library. stop wasting time! hurry up and order something.
#8 in a hurry? well then you should have gone to mcdonalds. sit back and relax. good food takes time.

i had the 'doug russell' - poached eggs with sauteed onions, red/green peppers and mushrooms on a sourdough muffin covered with hollandaise sauce.
soooo delish.

lunch was a $1.50 slice of 'zza from romano's pizza.
also very delish.
ps. what's the deal with beef and blue cheese pizza?! it's EVERYWHERE!!!

5:30...i'm thinking it's snack and beer time. kristin just left for work, so i figured i'd pop by to visit and see what moxie's west georgia had to offer. the verdict: it's still moxie's. i'm currently enjoying a euro and potstickers...it's like i never left.
the germany/sweden game is on. not a total loss.
alicia just got off work. she's now joining me. what a slut.

what should i do tonight?


keep your stick on the ice.
talk to you in a bit.

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